Dabney Gentle Horsemanship
1061 Pleasant Valley Rd,  Monroe, GA
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Ed Dabney Gentle Horsemanship
 Ed Dabney is an internationally acclaimed clinician, presenting horsemanship and riding clinics all over the US and in Europe. Ed's blending of natural horsemanship and classical equitation has made an indelible mark with students all across the United States and now also in Europe, drawing the attention of serious riders searching for the lightest touch and the deepest connection with their horses irrespective of breed or discipline. 
 Elizabeth Dabney carries on the family legacy of training with gentle horsemanship methods. As the daughter of Ed Dabney, she learned from his instruction while also assisting with training and clinics in Ed Dabney's European and US tours. Coaching three mounted drill teams, Elizabeth's communication skills with horses and humans have won her teams multiple state championships and booked rodeos all over the south. 

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