Dabney Gentle Horsemanship
1061 Pleasant Valley Rd,  Monroe, GA
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Dabney Gentle Horsemanship Farm
Grassy paddocks and roomy, well-ventilated stalls create a welcoming environment for our boarding clients! 
When you come to our facility, you will always be met with a friendly greeting and a genuine, welcoming smile. 

The focus of the Dabney Gentle Horsemanship Training Facility is to give horse owners, the peace of mind to know that your horse is safe, well-cared for and treated respectfully, through proper handling and daily attention to your horse's needs.​

You are welcome to invite the professionals of your choice to visit our facility to provide care for your horse, or we will recommend or make arrangements for horse care, at your request, through our trusted professionals: vets, farrier, equine chiropractor, equine dentist and massage therapist.
Paddocks and stalls are well-maintained and cleaned daily by our conscientious staff. We provide high-quality hay, fresh shavings, clean water and salt-blocks for each horse in our care. We will feed grain and supplements that are supplied by our clients for their horses. If you have a special type of hay that you prefer for your horse, you may provide it and we will be certain that he receives it.

You may ride the wooded trails on our property, or trailer your horse a short distance and spend the day at nearby Hard Labor Creek State Park, which has many miles of trails available for horseback riding. 

Post Surgery Care

We accept post-surgery or post-treatment horses requiring rehabilitative care, at our facility. We have the knowledgeable and skilled staff to monitor these special-need’s horses, administer medicines, change bandages and manage wound care, prepare special feeds, and follow the rehabilitative, exercise protocol prescribed by your veterinarian.​
Our 17 station Obstacle Course
is available for your use and will provide the opportunity for you to spend many hours challenging and developing your horse’s skills and confidence. These obstacles will help your horse to become braver, more agile and more trusting of you, as his leader. The time you spend with your horse on these obstacles will be beneficial to you also, as it will improve your overall relationship with your horse and your confidence as his leader.

Outdoor Arena and Fully Enclosed, Indoor Arena

An outdoor wash rack is conveniently located for our client’s use and grassy areas are available for hand-grazing your horse.
$650 Full Board
Contact Colleen Dabney for more information.