Dabney Gentle Horsemanship
1061 Pleasant Valley Rd,  Monroe, GA
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Training Cost
  For those that would like to bring their horse for a tune-up before an event or trip that you have planned or if you would like us to work on specific training with your horse, we offer the option to pay weekly $325. for each week that you would like your horse to be in training. This will give you an opportunity to see your horse's responsiveness to our program and his progress.

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  The complete training and boarding fee is $1,300 per month. Your horse will be in an individual paddock and we will provide hay, water and salt block. He may be put in a stall for the night or daytime depending on the season and your preference for his care. We'll be happy to feed any grain and supplements you provide. You may come and visit your horse at any time without an appointment or prior notice to us.
  In order to hold your spot on our waiting list, please print, fill out and sign the attached "Training Contract" and "Release Agreement" and mail them to us along with a $100 deposit and a copy of your coggins. Your deposit will be applied to the training fee. The balance of the first month's training and boarding fee will be collected when your horse arrives here for training. All payments may be charged to your credit card if you wish.