Dabney Gentle Horsemanship
1061 Pleasant Valley Rd,  Monroe, GA
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Building Confidence
Trainer Elizabeth Dabney

 - Catching
 - Leading
 - Ground Manners
 - Despooking
 - Bathing
 - Fly Spray
Training for all gaits in arena, open country and trail riding. 
Let us help your horse to become brave and confident. Our gentle despooking process is performed in a gradual way to build trust and confidence, without overwhelming the horse.

 - Trailer Loading
 - Standing Tied
 - Picking Up Feet
 - Saddling
 - Riding in a snaffle bit
 - Confidence Course
All horses in training will start in ground work by learning Ed Dabney's Six Keys to Harmony. These essential exercises establish a trusting relationship between the horse and trainer.  

Below are few of the fundamental steps in our training program. Your horse may breeze through most of the fundamental lessons allowing for more time spent training on specific issues, advanced training and performance. 
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