Dabney Gentle Horsemanship
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Teaching Methods
Gentle Horsemanship Private and Group Lessons

Part of the lesson program also includes a series of classical equitation seat lessons to help riders find their balanced, independent seat to feel more secure in the saddle. You will learn how to ride from their core, anchored into the horse so they cannot be dislodged. Student discover how to eliminate bouncing and flow with the horse by allowing him to move the rider with his rhythm. With the safety of being on one of our good, calm lesson horses and being on the lunge, students will be able to really concentrate on improving their centered seat. Students learn how to loosen up, relax and absorb the
motion of the horse in your middle body.

"You cannot hope to control the horse if you cannot first control your own body." Having a sympathetic or independent seat means riders are not interfering with the natural motion and relaxed stride of the horse by being tense or gripping with the hands or legs. By being in full control of one's body they will have clarity of the aids by being able to use their legs and hands for clear communication to the horse rather than using the horse to keep themselves in saddle. These seat lessons have proven to be very helpful even for experienced riders.

Much of our lesson emphasis is on building rider confidence, safety,
clear communication, light responses and quality of control
of speed and direction.

Our lessons are applicable to any riding discipline. Students will understand how the horse perceives the ideas presented to him and how to communicate with him in the way he communicates with other horses. This is all accomplished with respect for the horse by using gentle, natural horsemanship techniques.

Beginners as well as advanced riders have found the skills taught in our lessons to be very useful. Our system of working with horses builds confidence in handling horses on the ground and mounted, equips riders with natural communication skills and establishes their authority as a confident, consistent leader for the horse.

Lessons are based on the training techniques of Ed Dabney. Ed Dabney owns the riding facility and has spent over thirty years working with horses in the ranching, motion picture and training industries. His formal training in 17th century classical equitation provides him with a very unique and broad basis of skills and knowledge to pass on to lesson participants. Students will learn gentle horsemanship and classical riding techniques that are not taught in any other lesson program.